Bumping into Kpop in Oct 2011 was one of the best things ever happened to me in my life. I still remember sitting in front of my notebook and stare into it for hours because is just was so flashed. This perfection was so unreal for me… I LOVED it and I still do.

The three main things i instantly fall in love with it, were:

1. the unreal perfect synchrony dances (my dancer heart!!!)…

2. the catchy as hell songs, that gave so much feelings to me, even without understanding the lyrics…

and last but not least:

3. this stunning stage fashion / MV fashion.

My love to the 3rd point bring me here to start this blog. My very first one.

What is K-Pop stage fashion? To me it´s something that matches the mood of the song well and take a huge part to build the character of the song and the whole concept, mostly you can´t wear this stuff on the streets, because it´s to chic or to fancy, it´s an total eye catcher. I love how the different sets of outfits of a group matches well together, and make them one group, while still all pieces are something that is special designed for their individual character! Try out new things, create new trends!

A few years ago (i can´t image that i´m into Kpop for 4 whole years now!) i already started to collect close-ups and group pics of girls groups MV/Teaser&Stage Fashion on my computer. I think there a few thousand now… (The biggest collection is SNSD´s ‘The Boys’ promotion themed, i have a close-up of every individual outfit of each member of every stage set!). Collect these pics is a lot of work, and than to organize them just into folders on my computer is not what the work is worth. I always wanted to bring them together so i can build a great overview of each set, and then create a whole collection overview of each promotion circle!

Instead of doing this just for myself, i thought and still hope that their are some other Kpop stage fashion lovers out there who are interest in the same things as me and would love the see what i collected! So i hope you are one of this persons, too!!!

I don´t know where this blog is going to, but i´m excited to use my Kpop addiction to create something!!!

Since i came up with this blog idea last July (when i was ill, and super bored xP), i wanted to write this blog in English, even as it isn´t my first language – as you already may noticed – why? First of all because Kpop is an international thing, something you communicate just in English with people around the world. I hated English class in school (and i was really really bad at it…), but as i diped in the Kpop world, i also was forced in to the English speaking world, reading Eng subs and follow English Kpop news channels/websites/etc.! I never thought this would ever happen but i start liking English, there are so many words that sound way better in English than in German! My English is far away from perfect and still not the level i´m statisfied with, but i learn every day a little bit more and hope to keep improving!

So pls. be patient with me, i try my best! If you found some mistakes, pls. let me know and i will correct them asap!!!

My name is Aurelia, i´m 21 years old, German, and i´m in love with Kpop!

Pls. enjoy reading, like, follow and comment, this would mean a lot to me! Have a great day and listen to Kpop! ♫~

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