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On Stage Fashion aka Concept Promotion Outfits are one of my favorites in Kpop. I´m always excited to see a new set of outfits every performance! So my intention for the “On Stage”-Series is to collect all outfits of each member and to put them into this post! A lot of work to do! I will update this post in the future to make sure you won´t miss a single outfit.

So, let´s get started! ♫~

What is better than to start a new blog with a fresh rookie group?  Oh My Girl!

Oh my Girl are a 8-member rookie girl group under WM Entertainment who debut in April 2015 (Not long ago!) with the song ‘Cupid’. Now they are back with ‘Closer’ a mystic song with a fairy tale inspired MV. It´s the perfect mix of pure innocent girls with a touch of elegance! If you haven´t seen the MV yet, pls. go and watch it, I promise you, you won´t regard it! So let´s meet HyoJung, YooA, SeungHee, JiHo, JinE, Arin, Mimi and Binnie! (in the pic from left to right)

Oh My Girl_Closer_group_16 9

The girls are all wearing the same simple outfit during a performance, but still shine with their own elegance. Paired with black or red patent leather shoes with white socks, back patent leather lace-up shoes with black socks or white sandshoes so the innocent look is underlined. Simple Make-Up and naturel dark brown hair complete the whole look.

Main Style: A simple circle skirt and a form-fitting top is the basic. Alternated between a two-peace and a dress version. The sleeve length is short or a medium length which ends right above the elbow.

Special Features: transparent fabric as sleeves or around the neckline, three or two layers of ruffles at the skirt hem, black edged details at the top, bows at the waist, peter pan collars (with ruffles or black edges)…

Colors: In the MV they just wear the plain white outfits. Later on, the color range contained pastel colors like light yellow, rose, light blue, beige and there are also some black versions and two sets of bright red colored outfits.

2-Piece: Plain White (MV): <-> White with flower collar: <-> rose (shine fabric) with plain collar: <-> light yellow flower collar:Oh My Girl_Closer_white 2 piece flower collarOh My Girl_Closer_rose 2 pieceOh My Girl_Closer_light yellow 2 piece flower collar


Black:  <–> White: <-> Rose:

Oh My Girl_Closer_blackNew Image

Red – transparent nude short sleeve with back edged neckline and sleeve hem: <-> Light Blue:Oh My Girl_Closer_red2

Oh My Girl_Closer_light blue

Red – Medium sleeves with a black edged peter pan collar:

Oh My Girl_Closer_red

Beige with rose bow: <-> Beige with black bow: <-> mint/ light blue with black bow:

Oh My Girl_Closer_beige black bow


Soooo, what´s your favorite outfit of this promotion? Do you like the whole concept? Pls. let me know in the comment section below! I really would like to read your thoughts!!!

I hope you enjoyed my post and see you next time! ♫~

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